May 3, 2012

Regional Art Reception in Westerly

Last night's opening reception at the Artist Cooperative Gallery of Westerly was a great success!  It is their 19th Annual Regional Art Exhibit, and it will be installed in the gallery until June 2nd.  There was a variety of artists who participated, including mediums in pottery, jewelry, textiles, photography, sculpture, drawing and painting.  I was very honored to have two pieces in the exhibit, and to have been re-introduced to the gallery world through this juried show.   I learned that the first Wednesday of every month is the Westerly Art Walk, and that many galleries are open late with artist receptions, gregariously providing snacks, soda and wine!  I had the opportunity to check out some of these spots after the ACGOW reception, and even purchased a beautiful eggplant combo bracelet from one of the artisans.  After the Art Walk, Peter, Jay and I headed over to the Bridge, which if you don't know hosts what we call "Wino Wednesday" which may or may not be the official name for it.  All house wines are 1/2 off, hence $3.  Not bad if you want to plan a cheap, yet cultured night on the town!  Especially make a point of heading into the Artist Cooperative Gallery of Westerly for a pre-drinking, art-viewing snack fest, because they go all out with pizza, shrimp, cheese, fruit and desserts.  You can expect pictures in my next blog!