Jun 16, 2012

Another perspective on body modification

Wow, I came across an interesting link to a blog and had to re-post it!  I am writing my thesis on Orlan, who is a provocative performance artist that has undergone several aesthetic surgeries to modify her body in the name of art.  Although the motivation behind the "Vampire Woman" seems quite different, there is an obvious correlation.  The video in the link is in Spanish, I will be searching for an English translation in the meantime.  Enjoy, and I would love anyone's feedback on this post!

Jun 4, 2012

Photos From "Tie One On" at Artsake Gallery

Although I was unable to make it to Artsake Gallery for the one night event, I did commission my cohort, Jaci Sinkewicz, to take some photos.  The premise of the show was to make art out of ties, drink and be merry.  Everyone started with the same wooden cookie cutter tie, but we each ended up creating something totally unique!  I am pleased to say, that although my tie did not sell during the reception/auction, it was purchased the next day by an amorous buyer.  Proceeds from the event were collected as a fundraiser for artists.  Jaci's tie is the colorful swirly tie (blue, green, orange, red) second from the left, made out of melted crayon wax!  Mine is the sexual pulsing red phallus on the right which is aptly made out of collaged photos of my lips.  Strange but true....

"Tie One On" Artsake Gallery, April 27, 2012

Sold!  Auctioned off for charity.

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Giving Yourself Credit

I am posting a link to the Etsy blog, which talks about pricing vintage items for resale.   For you see, my newer, bigger, studio is getting quite crowded with all the lovely items I've been collecting lately.  I will be getting ready to expand my business Spiders Secrets to include these vintage treasures, because its not fair for only me to enjoy them!  For any vintage DYI'ers out there, this article should be helpful to you in your monetary pursuits.

"A Simple Formula to Pricing Your Work"