Jul 15, 2012

"American Made" Craft Show

Well, after twelve straight hours of work in my studio, I finally have my eggplant (car) all packed up and ready to motor to Chester for the "American Made" craft show today! Its crazy, but I still feel I do not have enough merch, signage or price tags, yet I am infinitely more accomplished than I was for the East Coast Craft Fair two months ago. After those not surprisingly quick hours (time flies by when you're running out of it), I have made a resolution from this: I need to sell about 75% of my artwork, or buy a bigger vehicle. Or, I could do both! That would be the ideal scenario. Iv'e known this for a long time coming, but last night it rang clear for me: out with the old and in with the new. My goal for the next show is to mat/frame all of my old pieces and find them new homes. Way to much clutter of things that should have been sold years ago. Know that I would love to keep everything, but lets face it-I need a mansion for walls of that caliber! Have a fabulous day :)