Feb 17, 2012

Edging Further

Yesterday I made much progress in the studes (studio); installed the pegboard, orange and blue milk crate shelves and hung six pieces of artwork!  Getting things up off the floor is monumentally helpful in seeing what I have to work with.  Now, the organization can begin-years of finished work, scrap trial pints and reminants that I can never bring myself to discard.  Not to mention negatives and slides and more slides!  I'll save this task for next week, although the most urgent order of business is getting my sample work in digital format (that is if I cannot unearth previously burned images), along with finding and revising my artist statement and bio.  Here is a start: image shown is from my thesis work at Columbia College Chicago.  All pieces from this series are 20"x24" Duratrans lightboxes which display crispness in every detail.  Along with the scrutiny of examination, these images also explore the subtlety of beauty in the wake of imperfection.